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In-Line Shut-Off Valve for Raised Bed Systems ~ $ 3.40

This valve allows you to control water flow to specific beds or areas of your garden.

6" Staples ~ $ 0.20

Coupling for Raised Bed Systems ~ $ 0.35

Used to connect two pieces of tubing or repair a break. The standardized size fits both the drip tubing and solid feeder line.

Drip Tubing for Raised Beds and Small Gardens ~ $ 25.00

Highest quality 12mm tubing with emitters pre-installed every six inches to provide continuous water the length of the tubing. The emitters are pressure compensating which provides for equal water distribution the length of the tubing. Easy to install, this tubing can be used in raised beds, small gardens up to 200 sq. ft., planter boxes, median strips and other narrow planting areas.

Elbow Fitting for Raised Bed Systems ~ $ 0.35

This fitting allows you to make 90 degree turns in your system without crimping or kinking the tubing, so water flows unimpeded.

Figure 8 End Closure for Raised Bed Systems ~ $ 0.20

Used to close hose ends on our irrigation system for raised beds and small gardens.

Low Volume Control Kit ~ $ 42.50

The Low Volume Control Kit connects to your faucet and filters and controls water volume as it enters our system for Raised Beds and Small Gardens. It includes a hose thread adapter on the faucet end and a barbed drip tubing adapter on the outlet end to make connecting quick and easy.

Male Adaptor for Raised Beds ~ $ 0.50

This fitting makes the transition from pvc pipe to drip tubing. 12mm barb x 3/4" mpt.

Reducing Coupling 17mm x 12mm ~ $ 0.50

This coupling allows you to make a transition from our drip irrigation tubing for large gardens to our drip irrigation tubing for small gardens and raised beds. The two systems are compatible with each other and connecting is easy with this fitting. 17mm x 12mm.

Solid Feeder Line for Raised Bed Systems 25' ~ $ 7.50

Used to deliver water without dripping, e.g., from the faucet to the edge of the garden bed. The same diameter as our drip tubing but without emitters. 12 mm tubing, 25' long.

Tee Fitting for Raised Bed Systems ~ $ 0.40

Can be used to connect three strands of drip tubing or solid feeder line in any combination. Works on compression. Push the tubing over the barbs and it holds securely in place.

V Connector x 3/4" mpt for Raised Beds ~ $ 1.25

This V-shaped connector can be used to create a loop or extended run of our 12mm drip tubing. The threaded end is 3/4" male pipe thread.

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