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Alaska Mix Nasturtium (OP) ~ $ 2.75

An edible flower with 2" blossoms in brilliant colors; crimson, orange, sunset yellow, salmon, cherry. Alaska's unique marbleized green and white foliage accents the colorful blossoms and sets it apart from other nasturtiums. 90 days. 50 seeds/packet.

Black Velvet Nasturtium (OP) ~ $ 3.65

NEW! Dramatic dark red blossoms against green foliage. Easy to grow. Mounding. 50 seeds.

Empress Of India Nasturtium (OP) ~ $ 2.75

Brilliant red blossoms cover the blue-green foliage of this popular heirloom. Known for its outstanding ornamental quality, Empress of India is also a delicious edible flower. Grows to 12" tall, mounding. Annual. Full sun or part shade in hot climates.

Nasturtium Mix (OG) ~ $ 2.75

This edible flower has bright single and double trumpet-shaped blooms of red, pink, orange and yellow carried well above light green foliage. This dwarf variety grows only 12 inches high, and thrives in poor to average soil. 90 days. 50 seeds/packet.

Peach Melba Nasturtium (OP) ~ $ 2.75

NEW! This heirloom variety features creamy yellow flowers with bright orange splashes of color near the center. Plants are bunching and grow in mounds 10” x 10”. The dark green foliage provides a contrasting background to the yellow blossoms. 50 seeds.

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