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California Poppy (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Eschscholzia californica : Possibly the most beloved of all wildflowers because of its sunny orange color and carefree way of growing. Reseeds effortlessly and spreads wherever it may. Perfectly suited to wet winters and dry summers and an excellent choice for either cultivated garden areas or large landscape plantings. May be sown spring or fall. Annual, 12" tall, full sun.

California Poppy Mix (OP) ~ $ 2.50

Eschscholzia californica : Usually found in a single color, the lively mixed hues of California Poppy create a beguiling effect. First discovered by Dr. Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, the leader of a Russian expedition in 1815, they were officially designated the state flower of California in 1890. Best if sown where they are to grow early in the season. Flowers in profusion, and reseeds freely. Annual. 1 gm./pkt. Packet covers approximately 64 sq. ft.

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