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Chives Seedling (OG) ~ $ 3.50

(Allium schoenphrasum) The sweet, oniony flavor of chives is well-known. Deserving of equal appreciation are the spunky lavender flowers, which not only serve as a decorative border for garden beds, but can be eaten in salads or used as a garnish for other foods. Said to deter Japanese beetles. Full sun to part shade; prefers moderately rich soil. OG.

Dolly - Genovese Basil Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

Our most popular basil offering. Basil Genovese comes from Italy to lend its fragrance and beauty to your landscape, and, more importantly, its flavor to any dish that calls for basil. This year's selection is Dolly, a new strain that tolerates cool temperatures better than other basil varieties and can be grown in the greenhouse and field. Large, dark green, heavily perfumed 2" long. This is a choice basil selection.

English Thyme Seedling (OG) ~ $ 3.50

(Thymus vulgaris) - This invaluable culinary herb is one of the finest herbs of French cuisine, and was once used in combination with beer as a cure for shyness. Its low-growing, gentle appearance and pretty flowers also make it a favorite landscape plant. Grows 1' tall; full sun to part shade; light, well-drained soil. Perennial.

French Tarragon Seedling (OG) ~ $ 4.50

Artemisia dracunculus : French Tarragon's unique anise-and-pepper flavor makes an elegant seasoning that is a centerpiece of fine French cuisine. It is recommended to enhance the taste of an enormous array of foods, from fish, poultry, pork, beef, and lamb, to vegetables, fruits, dairy foods, eggs, pates, grains, and pasta sauces and, of course, it makes a prize-winning vinegar. 2-3 feet tall; full sun; hardy in zones 5-8; good companion plant for most vegetables. Perennial although not hardy in many zones.

Greek Oregano Seedling (OG) ~ $ 3.50

(Origanum heracleoticum) Authentic Greek Oregano is hard to find, but preferred by many for culinary purposes because it is stronger flavored than other oregano varieties. It forms a low-growing, attractive mound that persists for years in the garden, and adds authentic flavor to Italian, Greek, and Mexican cuisine. Full sun.

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

The most flavorful parsley variety, Italian Flat Leaf, also known as Giant Catalogna, has leaves that resemble celery. For discerning cooks and gardeners this is the variety to grow. It is especially good when used fresh. Biennial.

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