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Abay Pepper Seedling (OG) ~ $ 3.25

NEW! Abay is a superior new pepper variety that will please anyone whose taste runs to brightly colored, well-formed bells with delicious, sweet flavor. The medium sized plants produce large, 4” fruits that ripen from green to yellow. The walls are thick, crisp and succulent. Abay is a great performer in the open field. In our trials the fruits maintained their quality better than other peppers, even as the nights turned cool. Abay can be grown successfully throughout the United States. Excellent resistance to Bacterial leaf spot.

Ace Pepper Seedling (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.45

The yields on this green-to-red variety of bell pepper are outstanding, even in marginal northern areas. Ace also resists blossom drop. 50 days for green peppers. 70 days for red.

Cal Wonder Pepper Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

A standard for gardeners and market growers since Burpee's introduced it in 1992, Cal Wonder ripens from green to red. The fruits are 4-1/2" x 4" and borne prolifically on 30" tall plants. It ripens in 68-89 days (green to red). The fruits are thick walled, usually possessing three or four lobes.

Carmen Pepper Seedling (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.45

Carmen is a 2005 All-America Selection that was praised by the judges for its delicious, sweet flavor. It produces impressive crops of attractive, uniform, brilliant red bull's horn type peppers. The peppers are up to 10" long and 3" wide on bushy plants that grow up to 30" tall. Carmen is widely adaptable to a variety of conditions and may also be grown in containers. 60 days green, 80 days red.

Early Jalapeno Pepper Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

Best known of the hot chilies, easily grown in the home garden. Good for canning, pickling or fresh use. Plants grow 26-36" tall and produce dozens of dark glossy green fruits 2-3" long. 70-75 days.

Matan - Jimmy Nardello Type Sweet Italian Frying Pepper (OG) ~ $ 2.45

These bright green and red sweet peppers fry beautifully. Originally from the Basilicata region of south Italy. Brought to this country by the Nardello family, who grew them for generations in Connecticut. The plants are 24" tall, and festooned with 10-12" peppers. OP.

Orange Sun Pepper Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

This sweetly flavored bell pepper seems to capture the sun in its brilliant, glossy orange skin. The fruits are substantial, up to 5" long and 4" wide, with succulent thick walls. The plants are vigorous and produced an average of 15 peppers per plant in our trial garden. 75 days.

Pimento Pepper Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

Heart shaped, sweet, and brightly colored, Pimento peppers make an appetizing addition to salads, salsa, and roasted and cooked dishes. The skins are attractive glossy red, and the thick, sweet walls make this one of the nicest peppers you can grow.

Poblano/Ancho Seedling (OG) ~ $ 2.45

A favorite pepper selection in Mexican cuisine, Poblano is a stuffing pepper for dishes like chili relleno. When dried it is known as Ancho, and used to make mole and other sauces. Poblano ranges in color from shiny green to reddish brown, and hangs in pendants from upright branches on 36" tall plants. 65 days.

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