Frequently Asked Questions

QHow do I calculate the shipping charges for my order?

A Our website will calculate all shipping fees and provide you with this information before you complete your order. If you are ordering by mail, please note that each shipping box (A, B, C) on the order form has fine print that lists what is included in the shipping fees for a particular merchandise category.

If, however, you want to complete this portion of the order form, here's how it works.

The Natural Gardening Company has three basic product categories: seeds, plants, and hard goods. The relative weights and shipping requirements of the items in each category are different, so shipping charges for products from each category vary.

Shipping Box C. Applies to small packets up to 1 oz. only. Seeds are light and compact. This makes them ideal for postal delivery. If you are buying seeds only, click on this category of the "Shipping Charges" portion of the order form and select the fees based on the dollar amount of your order. The only exceptions to this are bulk seed items such as seed units 4 oz. or larger, seed potatoes, cover crop seeds, garlic and shallots which have their weights provided in the product descriptions. These items ship as Hard Goods.

Shipping Box B. Plants are perishable and must travel quickly. Our plant shipments always have a scheduled delivery date which is selected by you at the time your order is placed. They are packed in special containers designed exclusively for plants. No other items go with plant shipments.

We ship plants using Federal Express Three Day Select and USPS Priority Mail because we want them to reach you within three days of shipment.

When ordering plants click on the Seedlings section of the "shipping charges" portion of the order form. Find your costs based on your location and the number of plants you are ordering.

Shipping Box A. This shipping category includes non-seed and non-plant items such as tools, drip irrigation, watering equipment, propagation supplies and fertilizer. Also included in this category are seed packets of four oz. or higher, and all raw planting materials such as seed potatoes, shallots, onion seedlings, rhubarb and strawberry crowns. Depending on the final weight of the box, we ship either Priority Mail or Federal Express ground.

If your order includes both seeds and hard goods then Box A, Hard Goods and Bulk Seeds shipping charges apply.

QHow many seeds are in a packet?

A The number of seeds in a packet varies with the seed type. Here are the basic guidelines by which we operate:
  • Tomatoes: 25 - 35 seeds
  • Peppers: 20 - 30 seeds
  • Eggplants: 20 - 30 seeds
  • Lettuces: .5 - 1 gm
  • Beans: 1 - 2 oz.
  • Peas: 1 - 2 oz.
  • Cucumbers: 30 - 40 seeds
  • Melons: 20 - 30 seeds
  • Squash: 20 - 30 seeds
  • Cabbage: 1 - 1.5 gm
  • Basil: .5 - 1 gm
  • Cilantro: 1 gm
  • Parsley: 2 gm

QAre all your plants certified organic?

A Yes.

The plants that we produce in the greenhouses on the premises are all certified organic. These are found on pages 3-11 of our catalog and on the back cover. The only exception are the strawberry crowns found on page 11: Albion, Camarosa and Seascape are conventionally grown. The Alpine strawberries and Sarian strawberries are produced here and are certified organic.
Our seeds, found on pages 12 through 52, have their organic certification status labeled beside the variety name. (OG) = certified organic. (F1,OG) = F1 hybrid, certified organic. (OP) = open pollinated. About 80% of our seeds are certified organic and we are continually finding and adding worthwhile new varieties.

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