Toasted Pumpkin Seeds with Japanese Seasoning
This is an easy-to-prepare recipe for snack food that is both appetizing and healthy. It is also an example of the waste-not-want-not approach to our garden's produce. Best yet, if you already have hulled seeds, this recipe can be completed in less than half an hour!

2C Hulled Pumpkin or Winter Squash Seeds*

1½t Tamari or Soy Sauce

To prepare:

  • Preheat oven to a setting of 425°

  • Combine the seeds with the salt and tamari or sauce, mixing well for even coverage of the seeds. Spread this mixture in a single layer over a cookie sheet.

  • Toast in the oven for about 12 minutes, shaking the pan periodically, until the seeds turn golden brown and puff up.


* To hull seeds in quantity, you need a rolling pin or a heavy wooden mallet. Shatter the shells using the mallet or rolling pin. Transfer the seeds with the broken shells to a large pot of water. Stir the seeds in the water vigorously. The kernels will sink down to the bottom of the pot. The empty shells will float on the top. Use a skimmer to remove the empty shells and discard, or simply pour off. Transfer the contents to a colander to drain. You can also find hulled pumpkin seeds, called Peptidase, at most grocery stores.

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