How to Grow Rhubarb

Upon receiving your Rhubarb Crowns Open the box immediately and if the crowns are dry, soak in water. This will help the crowns transplant more rapidly. Wrap the crowns in newspaper and store in a cool location if you are unable to plant right away.

Planting Rhubarb grows best in full sun. Plant the crowns with the buds up in well worked fertile soil. Set the buds 1" below the soil surface. Space the crowns three feet apart in rows that are five feet apart. Rhubarb plants need a lot of space to grow. Firm the soil around the crowns. Keep the crowns moist until the plants are established and actively growing.

Growing Rhubarb plants are heavy feeders and will benefit from compost and fertilizer. The rhubarb plant may produce a tall seed stem with white flowers. The seed stem should be cut off so the plant will focus its energy into growing larger edible stalks. Keep the area around the plant free of weeds. Rhubarb plants are long lived and may be divided if necessary.

Harvest Snap the largest stalks off at the base of the plant. Be sure to cut off the leaves which are mildly poisonous.

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