Ripe Ones

News of the first ripe tomatoes from gardeners around the country.
Tell us - and others - about your success.

  Oxheart Winner
The Winning Tomato
Submitted July 11th, 2014

Here is my photo of the first ripe Oxheart Tomato on my experimental plant. I live in central Oklahoma. Looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out. Thanks.
K. Naylor, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Thought you might like to know that the tomato seedlings I planted during the last week in March have already begun producing; I picked the first 'Juliet' on June 2nd and the 'Carmello' are pinking up as well. This is a record for our cool climate, perhaps thanks to the high nineties we had a couple of weeks ago. Cherry tomatoes are still small and green.
L. Chisari, Del Mar, California

Hello, I don't have a video of my first ripe Oxheart but just thought I'd let you know that in Wilmington, NC we had our first delicious tomatoes on May 25th. I shared a number of my plants and those also ripened that weekend. Tomatoes don't do well as it's too hot generally. But our Oxhearts are abundant! Thank you!
R. O'Donnell, Wilmington, North Carolina

Almost ready to pick on July 19, 2014. I planted some in raised beds and some in the ground. This photo is from a raised bed where sweet potato leaves are helping to shade the soil and tomatoes. We have had triple digit heat this last month. The oxheart wants to sprawl so I tied it up in the beds and have started pinching back the tips. In the ground I'm letting it go. Several first fruit had bottom end rot but now they are looking great. I have my canning jars ready!
B. Hath, El Nido, California

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