Welcome to the TomatoCam

Introducing the TomatoCam
What you're watching is a simple, informal experiment to help us locate the best tomato-growing region in the country. We've invited gardeners from all over the nation to join in. What you will see here starting May 9th is our entry, growing in one of our trial garden fields.

The Ground Rules
On April 4th we, along with other participants, planted seeds of the venerable old heirloom variety, Oxheart. Five weeks later, on May 9th, we transplanted one of those seedlings into our trial garden and turned on the TomatoCam so you can watch it grow. Our objective is not only to provide you with amazing live action but to find out when and where one of the participants has the first ripe tomato. Whomever that may be will win a $100 gift certificate and the immense satisfaction of knowing they live in a great place to grow tomatoes. The second place contestant will win a $50 gift certificate and third place, a $25.00 gift certificate.

Here's a highlight video of the first day, May 9th: Oxheart Tomato Planting Ceremony

If you're one of the participants all you need to do is send us an email and attach an image of your ripe tomato, still on the vine. Please date stamp your photo.

Oh yes, we want to hear from everyone who participates when they have their first ripe tomato so we can map the succession of ripening tomatoes and where they are. We especially want to know who comes in last!

Please feel free to share your observations and comments with us.
And most of all, enjoy!
For more information about the TomatoCam you may contact us:
| TEL 707-766-9303 | FAX 707 766-9747 | MAIL P.O. Box 750776, Petaluma, CA 94975-0776

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