Watch it Grow

This season we're going to conduct a simple, informal experiment to help us locate the best tomato-growing region in the country. We invite you to join in.

Start with Tomato Seeds
On April 4th we will plant a seed tray of the venerable old heirloom variety, Oxheart. Five weeks later, on May 9th, we will transplant one of those seedlings into our trial garden and turn on the TomatoCam so you can watch it grow. Our objective is not only to provide you with amazing live action but to find out when we have the first ripe tomato.

Come One, Come All
The fun part includes you, wherever you may live: Alaska, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, California, wherever. Gardeners and growers from all parts of the country are invited to run their own trial on the same schedule to find out who has the first ripe tomato and where they live. All you need are some tomato seeds, a garden, and attention to the dates.

What You Need to Do
1) Purchase a packet of Oxheart tomato seeds.
Here's a link to that page on our website:
Oxheart tomato seeds.
2) Plant the seeds in a transplant tray on April 4th, concurrent with our planting.
3) Transplant your Oxheart seedlings into your garden on May 9th.
4) Send us email notification accompanied by a digital image of your first ripe Oxheart tomato, still attached to the vine.

Send Us Your Photographs, Win A Prize and a Little Fame
The first person to send us a digital image of a ripe Oxheart tomato on the vine will receive the honor of knowing they have a winning location. Oh, yes, they will also receive a $100 gift certificate from The Natural Gardening Company. The second person to do the same will receive a $50 gift certificate and the third a $25 gift certificate. Everyone is encouraged to report in regardless of when their tomato ripens. We want to know who comes in last, too, and where they live!

Let's get growing!

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