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14" Pot Waterer ~ $ 23.50

Perfectly designed for watering container plants, the Pot Waterer has a thumb operated shut-off valve that lets you move from one pot to another without wasting water in between. Two interchangeable heads, one for misting and one that provides an aerated stream, allow splash-free flow that will not disturb soil or plants. The Pot Waterer attaches to standard garden hose. It is made of chrome-plated copper and zinc. 14" long to reach high or inaccessible places.

170 Water Breaker ~ $ 12.50

So-called because there are 170 tiny openings on the face of this nozzle. It emits a full flow of water in a narrow pattern suitable for the effective watering of container plants. This is the spray nozzle we use in our greenhouses and fields. It can be used with the Aluminum Shut-Off Valve or the Thumb Valve. Made in the USA of aluminum.

Aluminum Shut-Off Valve ~ $ 25.50

This professional quality full flow valve operates with a swinging gate valve: either fully open or closed. It is compatible with any of the nozzles found on this page. Aluminum housing. 3/4" fht x 3/4" fht.

Fogg-It Nozzle ~ $ 7.50

This unique hose-end attachment is perfect for watering seeds and delicate seedlings. The Fogg-It Nozzle emits a mist that waters seeds without dislodging them from their growing medium, and thoroughly douses seedlings without causing them to bend or break. The Fogg-It Nozzle is made of brass-coated die cast metal and solid brass jets. It will last indefinitely and will not rust.

Haws Watering Can ~ $ 69.50

It may seem unlikely that one could fall head over heels for a gardening tool, but we are smitten by this six liter watering can from Haws of England. The beauty is in the functionality. After all, water is heavy, and when you carry a load you want it to come along with you as easily as possible and to pour exactly where you need it. This can does it all. It has a sturdy handle that holds the can in perfect balance as you walk. It comes with two spouts. One a brass-faced rose, rains water gently down on your garden and is ideal for seeds and areas with bedding plants. The other is a plastic spout that directs a thin stream of water exactly where you want it. It you need a watering can, this one is highly recommended. Made of sturdy, long lasting plastic. 1.8 gallon capacity. Note: there is a shipping surcharge of $2.95 due to the dimensional weight of the watering can.

One Touch Water Wand ~ $ 22.50

The One-Touch Water Wand is designed to reduce hand fatigue caused by routine watering chores. If the area you hand water is extensive, you know that depressing a lever to keep the water flowing can be tiring and uncomfortable. The One-Touch places the valve in easy reach of your thumb, so you have complete and total water flow control. Slide it one way to open; reverse to close. Comes with a 400 hole water breaker which provides a full, gentle flow. 16” long. Lightweight. Made from heavy-duty aluminum.

Syphonject Fertilizer Mixer ~ $ 19.95

Streamline your fertilizing chores with this hose end fertilizer injector. Attach the mixer to an outside faucet and hang the clear suction tube into a bucket of liquid fertilizer. When you turn on the water, a concentrated solution of fertilizer is drawn into your hose line in an accurate, 20:1 (water to fertilizer) ratio. May be used with fish emulsion or any other water soluble fertilizer. Requires 3-5 gph flow rate and 35 psi to operate.

Thumb Valve ~ $ 15.00

The Thumb Valve is spring operated for easy on/off control: press to open and release to close. It has a narrower passage than the Aluminum Shut-Off-Valve and can be paired with the 170 Water Breaker, Seedling Nozzle and the Fogg-It Nozzle. Made from die-cast aluminum and zinc. Chrome plated. 3/4" fht x 3/4" mht.

Ultra-Soft Water Breaker ~ $ 15.95

This is the softest full flow nozzle available. It is ideal for watering seeds and delicate seedlings. 1,000 micro-holes in the stainless steel surface create a gentle but full shower. Use in combination with the Aluminum Shut-Off Valve.

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