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Green Globe Artichoke Seed ~ $ 2.50

The best of the commercial artichoke varieties and a very good choice for home gardens. The mature buds are large, globe-shaped and colored rich, deep green. Sharp spines on the leaves and buds are almost totally eliminated making them much easier to harvest and prepare for eating. Will produce the first year from seed, and do even better in the second and third years. 25 seeds per packet.

Tavor - Imperial Star type (OG) ~ $ 3.50

Developed to be grown as an annual, Imperial Star produces 6-8 buds the first season. The buds are 3-4" in diameter and nearly spineless. If you grow it in Zone 7 or higher it will behave as a perennial. Plants grow 3-4' tall and are spreading. 25 seeds per packet.

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