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Muir Batavian (OG) ~ $ 3.95

Muir is a top selection for anyone who enjoys summer salads composed of crisp, sweetly flavored leaves. Slow to bolt, it performs well in summer, producing large, open heads with well-filled hearts. A Batavian type, Muir's leaves are light green referred to in Europe as “blond". Muir has a full range of disease resistance including lettuce mosaic virus, downy mildew and lettuce leaf aphid.

Nevada Batavian Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.75

This Batavian lettuce from the French seed house of Vilmorin holds its fine flavor throughout the year, even when the temperature begins to climb. Batavians are a popular type of lettuce in Europe; they have thick, crunchy leaves like a romaine, with the shape and growing habit of a butterhead. They are sometimes called summer crisphead. 60 days. 500 seeds per packet.

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