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Fin de Bagnol (OG) ~ $ 2.65

Fin de Bagnol is an old, open pollinated variety of gourmet French filet bean with delicious, round, slender pods. For best quality the beans need to be picked every 2-3 days. Fin de Bagnol is well adapted to cool soils. Highly productive. Bush plants. 49-57 days. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Fordhook 242 Bush Lima Bean (OG) ~ $ 3.50

Phaseolus lunatus : Sweet, tender and early to mature, Fordhook 242 produces plump white lima beans in 4 inch long pods that are easy to shell. An All-America Selection in 1945, Fordhook 242 remains the standard in its class. Plants grow up to 2' tall and are heat and drought tolerant and widely adapted. 75 to 85 days. 40 seeds/pkt.

Jade bean (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Jade produces 6-7" long, straight, stringless and slender beans on upright plants. The attractive green pods have excellent texture and flavor. Jade is noteworthy for its tolerance of temperature extremes, lending to a long period of production. It produces well into the fall when conditions turn marginal for other bean varieties. 45-55 seeds per packet. 53 days.

Maxibel Filet Bean Seed (OG) ~ $ 2.60

Maxibel produces uniform and attractive filet beans 6 - 8" long. The thin and stringless beans are delicious, with good flavor and texture, and they grow in concentrated sets that are easy to harvest. The plants grow up to 22" tall and do not require staking. 60 days. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Nickel "Haricots Verts" Seed ~ $ 1.99

Nickel is a bush variety from the highly regarded French seed house of Vilmorin. Thin, straight, stringless, and flavorful, Nickel produces long holding beans in concentrated harvests, allowing you to take more from each plant, and to do so less frequently than most other bean varieties and still get good quality beans. Easy to grow, these beans command a premium price in the market - if you can find them. Treat you and your family to Nickel beans this summer. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Provider Bean (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Phaseolus vulgaris : A popular stringless American green bean which is very productive even under challenging weather conditions. Compact, easy-to-manage plants produce high quality, 5-1/2" long fleshy pods. Germinates well in cool soil. Early; 50 days. 100 seeds seeds per packet.

Roc d'Or Beans (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Roc d'Or is the most slender and attractive of the yellow wax beans. It produces 6-1/2" long, nicely cylindrical beans with a firm texture and delicate buttery taste that gives them their distinctive appeal. Roc d'Or germinates well in cool soil. Resistant to bean mosaic and anthracnose. 45-55 seeds/pkt. 57 days.

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