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Buttercrunch Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Buttercrunch, a 1963 All-America Selection, is a high quality butter lettuce which some say is the best of the butter lettuces. The plants grow quickly to 6" in diameter and form a loose rosette that conceals a delicate yellow interior. Buttercrunch resists bolting in hot weather. 46-55 days.

Deer Tongue Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This heirloom strain has smooth green leaves that are pointed and form an attractive rosette as the plant matures. Slow to bolt, cold tolerant. The flavor is mild and delicious. 45 days.

Gandhi Butterhead (OG) ~ $ 3.95

Gandhi produces well-filled heads of buttery and succulent lettuce of the highest quality. The leaves are loosely packed, medium textured and smooth. This is a good selection for late spring and summer as it tolerates heat well. If you are a market grower, try selling this one by name. Your customers will enjoy! 9" heads. Resistant to downy mildew, lettuce mosaic virus and lettuce leaf aphid.

Mirlo Butterhead Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 3.95

This luxurious butterhead has glossy, loosely wrapped medium green leaves and a voluptuous form. The hearts are filled with delicate, buttery lettuce of the highest quality. The outer leaves peel away easily to get at this tender heart. Mirlo performs well throughout the season and is an excellent selection for the spring and summer months. Resistant to downy mildew, lettuce mosaic virus and lettuce leaf aphid.

Summer Bibb Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This is classic butterhead lettuce at its best. Summer Bibb takes the heat of the summer months and still produces a sweet and tender head. Dark green leaves. 46 days. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 800 seeds.

Tom Thumb Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Tom Thumb produces attractive, sweet tasting, compact heads that are just about the right size for a two-person salad. The appearance is irresistible. Leaves are slightly savoyed, bright green. English heirloom. 55 days. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 800 seeds.

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