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Bilko Cabbage (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.75

This improved Napa type cabbage forms a large, dense, light green head with white midribs and a yellow interior. The flavor is sweet and mild. Highly resistant to club root, black speck and fusarium yellows. Bilko is also very slow to bolt. 54 days. 100 seeds per packet.

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (OP) ~ $ 2.50

Known for its distinctive conical shape and excellent flavor, Early Jersey Wakefield was first grown in 19th century England and has been popular ever since. If you crave fresh greens at winter's end, Early Jersey Wakefield provides. The head is dark-green, waxy, and compact (about 2 lbs.). Very early. 65 days. Open pollinated. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 250 seeds.

Famosa Cabbage (F1, OG) ~ $ 3.25

This mid-season savoy cabbage has excellent texture and flavor. The outer leaves are blue-green, tinted yellow in the interior. The heads are uniform and weigh 2-4 lb. 50 seeds/pkt. 75 days.

Golden Acre (OG) ~ $ 2.50

NEW! Early and vigorous, Golden Acre is an all-around variety that produces sweet flavored, 3-1/2 lb. heads, 5-6” in diameter. Widely adapted, the relatively small heads make it a good choice for gardens where the efficient use of space is a necessity. Grows best in spring and fall/winter. Yellows resistant. 1 gram per packet. 62 days.

Red Express Cabbage (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Extra early, compact plants produce small, solid, round heads weighing 2-3 lbs. Crisp and tender, Red Express tastes great whether eaten fresh or cooked. Relatively split resistant. Performs especially well in northern areas. 63 days.

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