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Cheddar (F1) ~ $ 4.95

The brilliant orange curd of Cheddar complements the good flavor of this colorful cauliflower variety. The color holds when lightly cooked. Easy to grow, Cheddar is recommended for fall or spring planting. High in beta-carotene. Plants are small-medium. Heads are 6-7” in diameter. 25 seeds/pkt. 67 days.

Graffiti (F1) ~ $ 3.95

Whether displayed on a plate of crudités or at a farm-stand, Graffiti’s intense purple color makes people notice and enjoy. Graffiti holds its color when cooked. The heads grow 6-7” in diameter or larger if given extra care. Not heat tolerant, it is best grown in fall or spring. 25 seeds/pkt. 80 days.

Janvel (F1, OG) ~ $ 4.95

NEW! This new cauliflower variety produces white, well-filled heads with dense curds. Janvel has tall wrapper leaves which provide protection from the sun. Recommended for late summer and fall. 50 seeds per packet.

Snow Crown (F1) ~ $ 2.25

Snow Crown is an easy-to-grow hybrid cauliflower with sweet and mild flavor. It produces good quality, medium sized heads 7-8" in diameter. Tolerates frost well. 50 days. 50 seeds per packet, enough to sow a 25 ft. row.

Snowball Y Cauliflower (OG) ~ $ 2.50

If you've developed a taste for homegrown cauliflower with its sweet, nutty flavor and delicate texture, Snowball Y is a dependable and easy-to-grow variety. Snowball Y develops firm, uniform, bright white heads. The wrapper leaves are extra long and protect the ivory white curds. 65 days. 1 gm./pkt., about 250 seeds, enough to sow a 125 ft. row.

Veronica Romanesco (F1, OG) ~ $ 4.50

Romanesco produces a dramatic, conical shaped head chartreuse in color. Denser than regular broccoli, Romanesco has a milder flavor than most broccoli. Veronica is more dependable than open pollinated strains and is good for fall or early spring planting. 25 seeds/pkt., enough to sow a 12 ft. row. 90 days.

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