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Conquistador Celery (OP) ~ $ 2.50

A dependable and early form of celery that can be grown just about anywhere with good results. The plant is tall; the stalks are crisp; the taste is excellent. 80 days. 125 seeds per packet. Pelleted seed only.

Ehud Celeriac (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Milder flavored than celery, celeriac has all the uses of celery with the advantage that it stores extremely well. The long storage capacity also makes celeriac available in the wintertime. The 2-1/2 to 4-1/2" roots are nearly fiberless, with a smooth texture and dense, ivory colored flesh. It can be eaten raw, pureed into soup, baked or deep-fried. The Ehud strain is a short season celeriac developed for fall harvest. 70 days. 200 seeds.

Tango Celery Seed (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.50

Early to mature with stalks that are smooth, crisp and sweet. Grows well even when exposed to dry and hot conditions. 80 - 90 days. 100 seeds per packet.

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