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Howden Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.50

If you're looking for a classic Jack O'Lantern pumpkin, Howden is the best. It was developed to have a large, flat surface for carving. Howden pumpkins weigh 20 lbs. or more, and boast sturdy handles, dark orange flesh, and ribbed exteriors. 115 days. 15-20 seeds.

Magic Wand (F1) ~ $ 3.75

Utterly classic, Magic Wand is a dark orange pumpkin that defines the mid-sized pumpkin class. Medium sized and round to slightly flat, the pumpkins are 13" x 13" and weigh 15-25 lb. The handles are large and firmly rooted, and serve as an important design element of the overall appearance of these very fine pumpkins. The plants are vigorous, powdery mildew resistant and produce pumpkins that are uniform in size and shape. Average two per plant. 95-100 days. 10 seeds.

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