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Kandy Korn (F1, SE) ~ $ 2.95

A sweet and delicious main-crop yellow corn that is sure to become a favorite in your garden, this hybrid does not need to be isolated from other corn to keep its super-sweet flavor. These productive plants bear tender, 8" ears on rust-tolerant plants. Approx. 100 seeds/pkt., enough to plant a 50' row or a 12' x 12' block. 84 days.

Luscious (F1, OG, SE+) ~ $ 3.50

Luscious is a sweet and delicious corn that is also a breakthrough: a hybrid organic sweet corn. The ears average 7-1/2" - 8" long with 16-18 rows of bi-colored, sweet kernels with good corn flavor. It is easy to pick, with an average of two ears per plant. Sow seeds in soils 55 degrees or higher for best germination. 100 seeds per packet, enough to sow a 50' row or a 12' x 12' block. 75 days.

Silver Queen Corn (F1, SU) ~ $ 2.75

SOLD OUT FOR 2014. The opinion is unanimous amongst the people who know; if you can grow only one variety of corn, Silver Queen is the one. This esteemed variety produces 9" ears of sweet white kernels which are the standard against which all others are measured. Approx. 100 seeds/pkt., enough to sow a 50' row or a 12' x 12' block. 91 days.

Sugar Pearl (F1, OG, SE+) ~ $ 3.25

This early, white, sugar enhanced sweet corn produces high quality ears with an average of 14-16 rows per ear. The kernels are plump, sweet, and have a nice corn flavor. Sugar Pearl germinates well in soils down to 55 degrees F. The ears average 7-1/2"-8" long on stalks 6-1/2' tall. 100 seeds/packet, enough to sow a 50' row or a 12' x 12' block. 72 days.

Xtra Tender 2573 (F1, SH2) ~ $ 3.95

NEW! Take one bite into the deep kernels of Xtra Tender and you’ll discover the excellent quality of this bi-color corn. The sweet flavor and exceptional texture make each and every bite a great corn experience. The ears are 8” long, with 18 rows of sweet and tender bi-color corn. Xtra Tender also has extra long shelf life. 100 seeds per packet. 76 days.

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