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Crimson Clover - 1/4 lb. ~ $ 3.40

Crimson Clover is a winter annual legume that will add nitrogen to your soil. It has relatively uniform growth habit and succulent stems that are easy to turn under in the spring. Coverage: approximately 1,000 sq.ft.

Fava Bean (OP) ~ $ 6.50

Vicia faba : Fava beans are the cover crop that produces food. These vigorous legumes grow up to six feet tall, producing a sturdy canopy of foliage that buffers heavy rain and protects soil from compaction. This canopy can be converted in the spring into a large amount of biomass, making Fava beans a very effective green manure. Fava beans also fix nitrogen and spread roots through the soil, keeping it in good tilth when it comes time to plant. They are tolerant of cold down to 21 degrees F and dislike heat, doing best when the temperature ranges from 70-80 degrees F. Plant at a rate of 1 lb./225 sq. ft. Ideal spacing is one plant per square foot for use as a cover crop. Sow September through November in mild winter areas, early spring elsewhere.

Organic Cover Crop Mix - 1/4 lb. (OG) ~ $ 4.50

1/4 lb. will cover approximately 250 sq. ft.

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