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Upland Cress "Belle Isle" (OG) ~ $ 2.50

(Barberea verna) The easiest to grow of the cress varieties and longest standing in the field. It does best in cool or even cold weather when the dark green watercress-like leaves fill a void for things that are green and leafy. Use in salads, sandwiches and vegetable mixes. The round and glossy leaves are borne on rosettes 6-8" long. Known as Creasy Greens in the south. 50 days. 1 gm.pkt, approximately 1,100 seeds.

Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress (OG) ~ $ 2.50

(Lepidum sativum) The savoyed and twisted leaves of this sweet and spicy green add loft and texture to salad mixes. The leaves are borne erect making them easy to pick and clean, and they are highly bolt resistant which allows for multiple cuttings. 1 gm./pkt, approximately 350 seeds. 21 days.

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