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Alcazar (F1, OG) ~ $ 5.95

NEW! Alcazar is an American slicer type that produces crisp, sweet fruits that stay fresh and firm long after harvesting. Adapted to cooler growing conditions, Alcazar will thrive in locations where other cucumbers are marginal, retaining its vigor through fluctuating weather. The 8-9” fruits are uniform, with dark green skins and a pleasing, cylindrical shape. Intermediate maturity with a long production period. Parthenocarpic, may be grown under tunnels or in the open field. 10 seeds per packet.

Armenian Cucumber (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This heirloom cucumber is pale green with such thin skin you need never peel one. Armenian cucumber's vigorous vines like to grow on a trellis but can also trail on the ground and bear extra-long, crisp, juicy cukes. Very productive even in hot climates. 64 days. 30-40 seeds/pkt.

Calypso Pickling Cucumber (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.50

Cucumis sativus : This hybrid pickling cucumber is very early and productive. The dark green fruit has a slight taper at one end and can be harvested as short as 3” long but retains a nice slender shape even when longer. A gynoecious strain, Calypso produces mostly female blossoms. Tolerant to a broad range of diseases. 52 days. 30-40 seeds.

Diva Cucumber ~ $ 2.85

This 2002 All-America selection impressed trial judges nationwide with its excellent flavor. The fruit is tender, sweet, and seedless. Diva cucumbers are similar in appearance to other salad cucumbers, but the skins are so thin they don't require peeling. Best when harvested small. Resistant to mildew and scab. 58 days. 20 seeds.

Lemon Cucumber (OG) ~ $ 2.50

An American heirloom that produces an abundance of perfectly round, light yellow fruits. Their unusual taste is unlike any other cucumber around, a sweet, slightly citrus flavor, with a nice crunch. These vigorous vines will grow best if provided with a trellis. 61 days. Open pollinated. 30-40 seeds/pkt.

Marketmore 76 Cucumber (OG) ~ $ 2.25

Marketmore cukes have the look and taste that is the standard for slicing cucumbers: slender, dark green, deliciously succulent and mild. Fruits stay uniform in size and shape even under weather stress. For a top-notch cucumber with good flavor and crisp texture, look no further than Marketmore. Monoecious. 58 days. 30-40 seeds/pkt.

Sumter Pickling Cucumber (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Sumter produces nearly seedless cucumbers with good flavor that are ideal for pickling. The vines are relatively compact and grow 18-24" long; the fruit is dark green with a white spine. Sumter is resistant to downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, angular leaf spot, scab, cucumber mosaic virus, and watermelon mosaic virus and is widely adapted to growing conditions throughout the US. 50 days.

Suyo Long Cucumber (OG) ~ $ 2.50

A sweet, all-purpose cucumber from China. The fruit is up to 15" long, ribbed and bitter-free. No peeling is necessary: eat them like celery stalks. Dark-skinned with small white spines. Delicious in salads and great for pickling. Resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Stake for best results. The fruit sets early, even in hot weather. 60 days. 20-30 seeds/pkt.

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