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Full Heart Batavian Escarole (OG) ~ $ 2.45

This variety of escarole grows extra-large heads, roughly 1' wide. The crunchy, flavorful leaves add a unique taste and texture to your salad mixes. Grow year round; harvest when very young during the summer months for the best flavor, and let mature to a full size in cooler weather. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 660 seeds, enough to sow a 100' row. 50 days.

Seance Escarole (OG) ~ $ 2.75

NEW! Séance produces large, well-filled heads of fine-ribbed leaves. Easy to harvest and slow to bolt, this is a choice escarole variety. Séance shows strong resistance to tip burn. Best for summer and fall. Approximately 15,730 seeds/oz. 250 seeds per packet.

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