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Kolibri Kohlrabi (F1) ~ $ 3.50

Kolibri is the best purple variety of kohlrabi; it produces large bulbs with deep purple skin and nearly fiberless white flesh. Plant it in rich, moist soil, so that it will grow rapidly, producing tender, mild-tasting plants. Eat it raw or sliced in salads, or serve it steamed or boiled for winter meals. Prefers cooler weather. 45 days. Approximately 100 seeds/pkt.

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi (OG) ~ $ 2.25

Similar to white strains of kohlrabi except for the brilliant purple skin and leaves. Kohlrabi has excellent sweet flavor, similar to a broccoli stem but milder, sweet and with more fiberless flesh. It can be grown almost anywhere. 60 days. 1 gm./pkt., about 230 seeds.

Winner Kohlrabi (F1) ~ $ 3.25

Best for flavor among the white kohlrabis, Winner produces smooth, light green bulbs that can be harvested when 3” in diameter. Midseason: 45-55 days. 100 seeds per packet.

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