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Cantarix (OG) ~ $ 3.95

This exceptional red oakleaf type is one of the finest lettuces we’ve grown. It has outstanding form and color, with leaves that transition beautifully from light green to dark bronzy red. The sweet and delicately textured leaves are deeply lobed and delicate, facilitating pulling apart when it is time for salad preparation. Cantarix is best grown in spring and autumn, although it holds well in warm weather, too. If allowed to grow to maturity Cantarix forms impressively large heads, fine for display at the farmer’s market or in the family kitchen. Cantarix has a broad range of disease resistances including downy mildew races 1-26, lettuce mosaic virus and lettuce leaf aphid. 250 seeds.

Green Salad Bowl Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This version of green oakleaf features light green, long, wavy notched leaves. Fast growing, it will not get bitter in warm weather. TB and heat resistant. 45-68 days. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 800 seeds.

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce (OG) ~ $ 2.50

A version of red oakleaf, this is the home and market grower's staple ingredient for delicious, flavorful salads and mesclun. Long burgundy-red leaves form a large, loose head which can be harvested whole or outer leaves may be snipped as needed for mixes. Oakleaf shaped leaves add texture to salads and don't get bitter in warm weather. Ideal for year-round growing. 50 days. 1 gm./pkt., approx. 800 seeds.

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