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For many of you this may be the perfect year to explore drip irrigation. Click here for more information.

King Richard Leek Seedlings (OG) ~ $ 14.50

NEW! King Richard is an early leek variety renowned for stems which grow up to 12" before the first leaf. The plants are tolerant of mild frost. Each order is a bundle of approximately 50 seedlings ready to transplant. READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. The seedlings should be planted promptly upon receipt. Shipping box A applies to leek seedlings.

Walla Walla onion seedlings (OG) ~ $ 13.50

NEW! The easiest way to grow your own Walla Walla onions is with a bunch of our sturdy, clean, super-healthy seedlings. There are an average of 50 seedlings per bunch. READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. Shipping Box A applies.

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