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Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea (OG) ~ $ 2.50

NEW! This snow pea variety has become a favorite for the shoots, tendrils and red flowers which are sweet and tender in the spring. They can be used in stir fry, salad mixes, and as garnishes. Dwarf Grey also produces 2-1/2” edible pod peas, so if you miss the early shoots and tendrils all is not lost! 57 days. 1 oz. per packet, approximately 165 seeds.

Laxton's Progress #9 (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This old-fashioned shelling pea produces large, plump pods up to 4-1/2" long filled with 7-9 sweetly flavored dark green peas. The 14-16" tall plants are easy to manage and take little garden space. 62 days. 1 oz./pkt., about 125 seeds.

Oregon Giant Snow Pea (OP) ~ $ 2.75

This snow pea produces impressively large, flat, sweet pods on plants 2-1/2' - 3' tall. They do well in warm weather. The plants are resistant to pea enation mosaic and powdery mildew. 70 days. 1 oz./pkt., approx. 125 seeds. Conventionally grown seed.

Oregon Sugar Pod Pea (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This very productive sugar pod variety has smooth, flat, edible pods 4-4-1/2" long with 6-8 light green peas within. The vines grow 24-30" tall and begin production as early as 58 days after sowing. Highly disease resistant.

Sugar Ann Snap Pea (OG) ~ $ 2.50

The best of the bush snap peas, Sugar Ann will have your family asking for more. The 2-1/2" pods are crisp and sweet. The 2' tall plants require no support; delicious pods are ready to harvest extra early. A 1984 All-America winner. 52 days. 1 oz./pkt., approx. 125 seeds.

Sugar Snap Pea (OG) ~ $ 2.50

For anyone who loves peas, growing a sugar snap variety is a must. These peas are so sweet and crunchy you can eat them straight off the vine -- but have some restraint, or they may never make it to the kitchen. Try them in salads, dips, or lightly steamed. Vines grow 4-6' tall and need strong support. 70 days. 1 oz./pkt., approx. 125 seeds.

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