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Blue Lake Pole Bean (OG) ~ $ 1.99

Phaseolus vulgaris : Best of the American pole bean varieties, Blue Lake vines grow up to 8' tall and are laden from top to bottom with clusters of thin, round, 6" long green beans which are the very essence of a summer garden. Highly productive and easy to pick, you'll want to grow a crop of these beautiful and delicious beans every season. 63 days. Open pollinated. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Emerite Pole Bean Seed (OP) ~ $ 2.50

Emerite is preferred by our customers over all other bean varieties because of its excellent flavor, productivity, and ease of harvest. A French filet-style bean, Emerite vines grow up to 8' tall, and produce a bounty of attractive, slim, 7-9" long beans noteworthy for their crisp and delicate texture and full beany flavor. Resistant to common mosaic virus. 55 days. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Fortex ~ $ 3.75

Fortex is utterly delicious. The first bite is a revelation about how good a green bean can be. The crisp texture and sweet beanie taste are excellent. The beans are thin and curvaceous and may be harvested at any length from 6 - 11". The plants are vigorous and grow up to 10' tall. This is a bean variety of superior quality that deserves space in every garden. 60 days.

Italian Romano Bean Seed (OG) ~ $ 2.75

This is a delicious, flat podded pole bean with noteworthy flavor and tenderness. The pods are 7-8" long. The highly productive plants require staking. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Marvel of Venice (OG) ~ $ 3.95

Phaseolus vulgaris : Marvel of Venice is an heirloom variety of Italian bean with eye-catching appearance and excellent flavor. The beans are flat, 3/4" wide and 8" long. They change color from dark green to light yellow, after which they are ready to pick. Marvel of Venice is string-less, with tender texture. The plants are vigorous and grow up to 9' tall. Very early. 50 seeds per packet. 54 days.

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