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Cherry Belle Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Bright cherry red roots and white, crisp, firm flesh are the hallmarks of this nearly perfect round radish variety. Good for spring or summer planting. Short tops. 23 days. 3 gm./pkt, approx. 265 seeds.

Easter Egg II Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

A cheerful blend of radishes in different hues: red, white, rose, and purple. Great fun to harvest, they enliven salads and plates of crudites with their whimsical colors. Roots are round, 1-1/2". 3 gm./pkt., approx. 265 seeds.

French Breakfast Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

French Breakfast produces bright, crisp red radishes with tender white flesh. This heirloom variety has a distinctive oblong shape with a round white tip and small tap root. French Breakfast radish is 3" long when mature, but it makes a delicate treat when harvested at an immature stage. Open pollinated. 28 days. 3 gm./pkt., approx. 265 seeds.

Miyashige White Daikon Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This high quality Japanese radish is suitable for fall sowing. The roots are long and white with a distinctive green band at the top. The flesh is crisp and tender. 50 days. 3 gm./pkt.

Pink Ball Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

The pastel pink skin of Pink Ball makes it a standout. The nice, round, crisp roots are tops in flavor and texture. 26 days. 3 gm./packet, about 265 seeds.

Plum Purple Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.50

The eye-catching bright purple skin of this radish adds interest to salads. The interior is crisp, white, and resists becoming pithy even after maturity. Tops are 3-4". 26 days. 3 gm./pkt., approximately 265 seeds.

Watermelon Radish (OG) ~ $ 2.75

This heirloom daikon has an interior that looks like a miniature watermelon, adding a colorful element to salads. The taste is lightly sweet and slightly spicy. Must be grown during the cool months of the year. For best results plant mid-late summer when the soil temperature is 68 degrees or cooler and the day lengths are shortening. 3 gm./pkt., approx. 265 seeds.

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