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Estamino Rootstock (F1, OG) ~ $ 8.50

Grafting has been demonstrated to improve plant health and production. Estamino is a strong and vigorous hybrid rootstock that has a positive effect on the variety grafted onto it. It pairs very well with heirlooms, resulting in well-balanced plants with steady production that continues to the end of the season. Unlike some rootstocks, Estamino does not have an excessive vegetative effect on the cultivar grafted onto it. Estamino’s excellent disease resistance traits keep plants healthy. 10 seeds per packet.

Silicone Grafting Clips ~ $ 4.95

These flexible grafting clips are used to hold the two parts of a tomato graft together in a process called head grafting. In this simple process the stem of the rootstock is joined with the stem of the grafted plant variety. These clips hold the joined stems securely and provide proper light transmission. When the stems grow beyond the size of the clips, the clips simply fall off. Available in two sizes, 1.5 and 2.0mm.

Silicone Grafting Clips Combination Pack ~ $ 6.25

It can be useful when grafting to have different sized grafting clips on hand to facilitate a precise match between the scion and rootstock. This combination pack includes 25 1.5MM clips and 25 2.0MM clips. These are the most popular sizes for tomato grafting.

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