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Cannellini Bean (OG) ~ $ 2.60

A nearly white bean used in soups and stews because it stays whole and firm even when cooked. Cannellini is the classic bean used in minestrone soup. Plants are large and prolific. 80 days. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Flagrano Bean (OP) ~ $ 2.50

These are the shelling beans which are considered a delicacy in France. Easy to grow and harvest, Flagrano produces 8-10 mint green seeds per pod which are delicious and nutritious. They and can be steamed, simmered, or baked. Flagrano has the added bonus of being easier to shell than other flageolet varieties. They also maintain their flavor and texture well after freezing. 76 days. 45-55 seeds/pkt.

Petaluma Gold Rush Bean (OG) ~ $ 2.75

We are pleased to reintroduce this bean variety, long absent from the commercial marketplace. Our seed stock came from William Woys Weaver, the food historian and seed archivist. The Petaluma Gold Rush bean was originally brought to the United States from Peru in 1840 by a member of the Azevedo family, who farmed in Petaluma for many generations. The plants are vigorous, producing vines that grow up to 10' tall. When mature the pods develop striking scarlet stripes and the beans bear a resemblance to Cranberry beans. The 4-1/2" pods usually contain six beans. The dry beans retain their firm texture and meaty, rich flavor in soups, dips, stews and another other preparation that calls for dry beans. 45-50 seeds per packet.

Petaluma Gold Rush Bean 1M (OG) ~ $ 17.95

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