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Black Krim (OG) ~ $ 2.85

This is the legendary black tomato, known for its brown-black skin and sweet rich flavor. Reportedly Russian in origin. We introduced Black Krim in 1995 and it has developed a steady and growing following ever since. Fruits are borne in strands and are large and firm with fine-textured interiors. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds/pkt. 85 days.

Green Zebra Tomato Seed (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Green Zebra's unusual color and convenient size make it an appealing selection for salads. A medium-sized beauty with glossy green skin and distinctive yellow stripes. As sweet as an apple. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds/pkt. 80 days.

Persimmon Tomato (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Persimmon produces large, 1-2 lb. fruits that are a beautiful golden-orange color with excellent flavor. The plants are vigorous with sturdy stems. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds/pkt. 80 days.

Pruden's Purple Tomato Seed (OG) ~ $ 2.50

An heirloom tomato with dark red skin, large firm fruits, and excellent flavor. Interiors are dark red and creamy textured. The fruit is shaped a bit like an acorn, with flattened, slightly ribbed shoulders and pointed base. Indeterminate. 67 days. 25-35 seeds/pkt.

Thessaloniki Tomato (OG) ~ $ 2.50

These fruits are smooth skinned, round, and will evoke fond memories for anyone who has traveled throughout Greece and the islands. The fruits are an especially nice size for salads. The indeterminate plants produce good yields of crack resistant, heat tolerant tomatoes. 25-35 seeds/pkt. 75 to 80 days.

Zapotec Tomato Seed (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Zapotec is a beautiful tomato, with a lovely bell shaped form, and pleated sides. Zapotec has a sweet, mild flavor, and a unique, palate pleasing texture that works well in salads and salsas. Originally grown by the Zapotec Indians of Mexico, this is an heirloom well worth preserving. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds. 80 days.

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