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Blue Hubbard (OG) ~ $ 3.50

This old-fashioned favorite has striking slate-blue skin and a bumpy surface and is appreciated for its sweet yellow flesh. Weight ranges from 12 lb. to 18 lb. One or two fruits per plant. Average 110 seeds/oz. 100 days.

Burgess Buttercup (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Cucurbita maxima : Famous for its fiberless, sweet orange flesh, Burgess Buttercup was developed in North Dakota as a substitute for sweet potatoes. The dark green, blocky fruits have a distinctive gray button on the blossom end - the "turban," which can be carved out as the entryway to the delicious flesh within. Burgess Buttercup has a long and acclaimed history, and has been repeatedly and routinely recognized as a variety of significant merit. Yields 3-4 fruits per plant weighing 3-5 lb. each.

Carnival (F1) ~ $ 3.45

Carnival is a vividly colored Delicata type that is perfect for holiday decorating. It also has nice sweet flesh for cooking. The color and patterns on the fruits are variable and intensify in cool weather. Some have sharply defined areas of brilliant orange and dark green. Others are mottled with varying shades of green, orange and yellow. The fruits range in weight from 1-1/2 to 2 lb., the slightly flattened shape is 5" tall and 6" wide. Carnival keeps in storage for several months. Semi-bush. 90 days.

Delicata Winter Squash (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Cucurbita pepo : One of the most popular of the small-fruited winter squash, Delicata is excellent for stuffing and baking. It has extra sweet, dark orange flesh, and bright yellow skin with dark green stripes. Plants produce 5 to 7 fruits, weighing 1-1/2 to 2 lbs. 100 days. 20-30 seeds/pkt.

Honey Bear Acorn Squash (F1) ~ $ 3.45

This 2009 All-America Selections winner was chosen for its exceptional sweet squash flavor. The judges also praised its high yield, compact habit and tolerance to powdery mildew. Each fruit weighs about a pound, just right for two people to share. The plants continue to bear until late in the season due to their tolerance to powdery mildew. The long span of the harvest enables them to yield three to five fruits each. The mature plants are 2-3' tall and spread 4-5' without vines. 100 days.

Red Kuri (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Cucurbita maxima : Red Kuri’s firm inner flesh is full flavored and sweet with a delicate chestnut-like flavor. It is a welcome ingredient in many dishes, including soups, stews, casseroles and stir fries, and it can be baked, boiled, steamed, sauteed and fried. High in fiber and vitamins A and C and low in calories, it makes a nutritious addition to any diet. Average 2-3 fruits per plant with an average weigh of 3-6 lb. each. Known as Potimarron in France, Orange Hokkaido in Japan and Baby Red Hubbard in the US. 90+ days.

Spaghetti Squash (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Cucurbita pepo : Uncooked, the bright yellow inner flesh of Spaghetti squash looks similar to any other winter squash, but when cooked the flesh takes on the appearance of noodles or spaghetti. This inner flesh can be baked, boiled, steamed or prepared in the microwave and has an affinity for butter, oil and tomato sauce. Harvested in the fall, the sturdy, creamy-yellow shell of Spaghetti squash keeps the tasty inner flesh fresh until winter or even spring. The oblong fruits are up to 9“ long and 6“ in diameter and weigh an average of 2-4 lbs. 4-5 fruits per plant. 88 days.

Table Queen Acorn Squash (OG) ~ $ 2.50

NEW! This early-maturing heirloom squash produces high yields of medium sized acorn squash with dark green, furrowed skin. The yellow-orange flesh is sweet and dry and excellent for baking, which eliminates the need for peeling. Plants are vining, up to 8’ long. 80 days.

Waltham Butternut (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Cucurbita moschata : A market grower's favorite, Waltham is superior to other varieties of butternut squash. The fruit is uniform with fewer nubs, larger in size, and longer storage ability. The sweet interior flesh improves in storage. 85 to 90 days. 20-30 seeds/pkt.

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