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Black Cherry (OG) ~ $ 2.95

Add dramatic black to your assortment of cherry tomatoes, and the sweet and rich flavor of an heirloom, and you’ve got Black Cherry. The indeterminate plants produce a high yield of round fruits. 25-35 seeds. 64 days.

Chadwick Cherry Tomato (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Introduced by Alan Chadwick, the aristocratic Englishman who was one of the most important proponents of organic gardening in the latter half of the 20th century. The Chadwick Cherry Tomato is known for its vigor, flavor and productiveness. The fruits are borne in strands of six, and at 1-1/2" in diameter, are large for cherry tomatoes. Chadwick Cherry is disease and crack resistant. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds. 80-90 days.

Sakura Cherry Tomato (F1, OG) ~ $ 4.95

This very fine cherry tomato has an unusually pleasing delicate, sweet flavor. The round fruits are borne in pretty clusters of 14 or more, averaging 20 fruits. Each tomato is 1-1/4” in diameter, making them easy to pick and prepare. Halved or quartered they are perfect bite sized pieces in your summer salads. Plants are high yielding and provide a long harvest period. Adapted to high tunnels, unheated greenhouses and the open garden or field. Crack resistant. 20 seeds per packet.

Snow White (OG) ~ $ 2.95

NEW! Sweetly flavored with a hint of citrus, the unique flavor of Snow White was praised by a nationwide panel of judges writing for a well-known gardening magazine. The ivory white fruits ripen to pale yellow. 1" in diameter, they form on trusses of seven or more fruits. The plants are vigorous and productive. 25-35 seeds.

Sugary Tomato Seed (F1) ~ $ 3.50

The name of this 2005 All-America Selection says it all. Judges raved about the sweet tomato flavor. The half-ounce dark pink fruit has a sugar content of 9.5%, higher than most others. The fruit is produced in clusters like grapes and can be eaten like them. Sugary tomatoes have a distinct shape; oval with a pointed blossom end. In addition to their flavor Sugary plants produce a high yield with a noticeable lack of cracked fruit. May be grown in the ground or in containers. The plants are vigorous and may need pruning to contain growth. Hybrid. 25-35 seeds. 60 days.

Sun Gold Tomato Seed (F1) ~ $ 3.45

An orange cherry tomato that was the winner among all the varieties offered at our 1995 tomato tasting. It has a distinctive tropical flavor that sets it apart, or, as one participant said, "like fireworks in your mouth." Produces long strands of fruit on vigorous, tall, indeterminate vines. 25-35 seeds/pkt. Early. 57 days.

Sun Sugar Tomato Seed (F1) ~ $ 3.95

Judged the best tasting cherry tomato by the garden and food staff of Sunset Magazine. Orange skinned and similar in appearance to Sun Gold but slightly larger fruits. Crack resistant. Indeterminate. 30 seeds. 62 days.

Super Sweet 100 (F1) ~ $ 3.25

Aptly named, these hybrid tomatoes bear sweet and juicy bite-sized tomatoes in abundance. High in vitamin C, they are ideal for salads, crudites, or straight from the vine. Indeterminate. 25-35 seeds/pkt. 70 days.

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